The AQLBLTX Lifebuoy Light is ATEX & IECEx certified, which means it is intrinsically safe for hazardous marine activity applications. It can be installed on lifebuoys in hazardous atmosphere zones 0,1 & 2. Also with T4 Temperature Class rating, it can be used in hazardous atmospheres with gas auto ignition temperatures ≥135℃.

  • Powerful white flashing LED light
  • Gravity sensor floats LED lamp head
  • Water sensors activate light
  • Functional, simple and compact design
  • Fixing clip designed for easy installation
  • Maintenance free five year battery life
  • Tamper-proof
Model AQLBLTX ATEX Lifebuoy Light
Colour White LED
Activation Automatic
Dimensions Main body: ø90 x 133mm
Weight Light: 180g / Clip: 36g
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Output ≥2.0cd
Duration ≥20h over 2.0cd (15hrs at -1ºC)
Approvals MSC.81(70) as amended, MED & USCG; ATEX & IECEx
Storage Life 5 Years from Date of Manufacture

  • The lifebuoy light is suitable to be installed with all types of lifebuoys, but should not be installed in an electrostatic charge conductive location. The capacitance of unearthed conductive parts is 15pF.
  • It comes with a clip and rope. The clip should be mounted adjacent to the lifebuoy, and the light placed on the clip and firmly tied to the lifebuoy with the rope.
  • When the lifebuoy is thrown into the water, the light must be automatically pulled from the clip and thrown into the water with the lifebuoy.

  • AQLBLTX  is designed with a gravity and water sensor double activation system.
  • Upon contact with water, the head of the LED lamp will automatically float above the water due to the gravity design.
  • The water sensor will automatically activate the light and output a flashing white light more than 2.0cd intensity for at least 20 hours (15 hours at -1ºC℃).
  • When the sensors leave the water, the light will automatically turn-off.