The AQLBL Lifebuoy Light is a lithium battery powered man overboard emergency light to be installed with a lifebuoy.

When the light enters the water, the head of LED lamp will float above water due to the gravity design and the water sensors will automatically activate the light.

  • Powerful white flashing LED light
  • Gravity sensor floats LED lamp head
  •  Water sensors activate light
    • Functional and simple design
      • Fixing clip designed for easy attachment
        • Maintenance free five year battery life
          • Tamper-proof
          Model AQLBL Lithium Lifebuoy Light
          Colour White LED
          Activation Water / Position Auto
          Dimensions Main body: ø90 x 124mm
          Weight 228 grams
          Battery Type Lithium
          Output ≥2.0cd
          Duration ≥15h over 4.3cd at -30ºC
          Approvals MSC.81(70) as amended, MED
          Storage Life 5 Years from Date of Manufacture

          • The lifebuoy light comes with a clip and rope. The clip should be mounted adjacent to the lifebuoy, and the light placed on the clip and firmly tied to the lifebuoy with the rope.
          • When the lifebuoy is thrown into the water, the light must be automatically pulled from the clip and thrown into the water with the lifebuoy.

          • The light was designed with a gravity sensor and water sensor double activation system.
          • When the lifebuoy light enters the water, the head of LED lamp will automatically float above water due to the gravity design. 
          • The water sensor will automatically activate the light and output a flashing white light more than 2.0cd light intensity for at least 14 hours. 
          • When the sensors leave the water, the light will automatically turn-off.

          AQLBL Lithium Lifebuoy Light
          AQLBL Lithium Lifebuoy Light