The AQ8A lifejacket light is an alkaline battery powered emergency light designed to be installed on any type of lifejacket. It is automatically activated upon contact with water and features a manual switch.

  • Powerful white flashing LED dome light
  • Built-in water sensors for automatic water activation
  • Manual on/off switch
  • Functional and simple design
  • Fixing clip designed for easy attachment
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance free five year battery life
  • Tamper-proof
Model AQ8A Lifejacket Light
Colour White LED
Activation Water Auto / Manual
Dimensions 62.5mm (h) x 25.4mm (w) x 23.5mm (d)
Weight 38 grams
Battery Type Alkaline
Output ≥
Duration ≥13h over 0.75cd at -1ºC
Approvals MSC.81(70) as amended, MED, CCS
Storage Life 5 Years from Date of Manufacture
  • The light must be secured to the lifejacket in a position that provides maximum visibility when the wearer is in the water, preferably near the shoulder.
  • The installation position must ensure that the water sensors on main light body will have contact with water when the wearer is in the water.
  • Feed the clip behind lifejacket material or button hole and press into the light unit until it clicks securely into place. When fastened the light cannot be removed unless the clip is broken.

  • The light will automatically activate when the sensors are immersed in water.
  • To operate the light manually, press the button on the front of the unit.
  • It is possible to turn the light off by pushing the button on the front of the unit, regardless of whether it is still immersed in water.